UBox New App: UVOD

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New app available in the UB App Market

Seems to be catered towards Cantonese crowd and it the stream actually work!

Discuss your findings

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  • TvpaderTvpader Junior Member
    I could find anything new.it is the same as the uvod we alway talk about? Same as the one we say working again?
  • ProstProst Junior Member
    It works great, I watch 5 days worth of programs last night and no buffering at all! I am in SoCal!
  • tvbolontvbolon Junior Member
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    if it named UVOD then it is not new, unless under diff name ?
  • hleehlee Junior Member
    I like VOD. I set it to watch Cantonese soap opera from HK. With UB 回看,劇集 working, I don't feel that bad when the Cantonese Playback app now drop dead. I like to watch multi episodes in one go, more fun.
  • bamby8bamby8 Junior Member
    I notice the listed TVB dramas prior to 2015 I randomly tested don't stream at all.

    Looking at the other categories in UVOD, it seems like only newly added content appearing at the top of the list is likely to play.

  • tomato123tomato123 Show Producer
    @padman can you make a youtube video and review this app?
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    @tomato123 I'll looking into that tomorrow. :)
  • tomato123tomato123 Show Producer
    @tomato123 I'll looking into that tomorrow. :)
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    @tomato123 Added a quick review
  • @tomato123 Added a quick review
    On your last commen on the UVOD, it's not a porn category, it's just a soft x rated movies though...
    password is the same "1818"
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  • wsthongwsthong Just Watchin`

    I could not see the Installer for upad and First Gen in my box.
    I had the First Gen Installer when I bought it but gone after a factory reset.
    I chose English as default language
    Have yours been updated recently?

  • I'm not sure what you meant by new app. This UVOD app with red icon has always been there two weeks ago when I go UBOX. It's just that it has never worked running 0kbs for streams until few days ago
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    @neonlight The UVOD app didn't exist for early adopters. This app replaces the drama app which never worked.

    See my UBox review
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    @wsthong What does your app store consist of ?
  • is it just me or is UVOD app exactly like CloudVOD on moonbox
  • is it just me or is UVOD app exactly like CloudVOD on moonbox
    Not just you, I noticed the same. I wonder if they hired the same programmer or UBox and MoonBox are in fact have the same owner.
  • tomato123tomato123 Show Producer
    This app is exactly like the Moonbox VOD app.
    @tomato123 Added a quick review
  • Guess might do network sniffing to see if both are infact using same servers. Which could mean one might be leeching off of another or actually same company.
  • This app is exactly like the Moonbox VOD app.
    @tomato123 Added a quick review
    Yeah the interface is exactly the same. Is the content the second though? I'm beginning to think they use the same source? Actually what UVOD lice channel is exactly the same as Moonbox IPTV app...
  • @neonlight well actually live channel listing is bit different. atleast for Korean channels Ubox definately has more but it does seem like when moonbox streaming has issues ubox has one as well so most sources seems to be same
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