Looking for UB 熱門影視 APK file


I have the s800 gen 2 and the UVOD app is not working (seems to be a common issues for most of us).

I have heard UB 熱門影視 can offer the similar catch-up shows but I cannot seem to find this app in the marketplace.

Does anyone have the APK file for UB 熱門影視 they can share please?



  • Looking for the same here, hope that someone would help us since we have older generation ubtv box.
  • It should be in the APP MARKET the red icon name UBVOD.
  • tomato123tomato123 Show Producer
    Funny that this apk currently can work on any android box. Here's the link of apk:

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  • 535four535four Member
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    Man...It does worked excepted Live, well....it won't be long.

    Just installed the original app from UB app market, this one authorization failed, so the one from @tomato123 posted must be a hacked version. Do not install it on Ubox.
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