Question about Android Box Google Service And Power Switch.

I just bought the Turbo TV Box.
The App, Filmon required to update the Google Service Version in order to run the Filmon app.

Doesn't anyone know whether update the google service might affect other app authentic issues resulting not functional?


  • I don't think it will but if you want to run the apps you have to updated, I'd updated nothing affected.
  • Thank you for your respond. Do you know if there are any app might installled on the TV box, so you might turn on / off the android box with remote control, NOT by unplug the power cable?
  • If you hold the power button long enough it will shut off the box completely not standby.
  • Some box not able to turn off, even you keep holding the power on/off key.
  • Some devices required press twice to turn off.
  • google service 他們是預裝在fireware裏面 無法修改的,需要升級fireware的,版本過低 無法運營與GMS相關的很多apps 比如 youtube
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