M121S & KODI !?

Good Day Everyone,

I followed the steps and now the "Green Man" is on all the time. I also followed the steps to reload all the apps via USB Key. I then followed another post to change the DNS to "49.x.x.x". However I am still unable to use any of the apps installed - they all timeout and no data is downloaded, never mind playing any streams at all. Sigh ...

Anyway I wonder if there's a version of KODI for M121S such that I can at least use it for "something" (other than as a web server per yet another post, because I don't have any use of running a web server at home).

Thanks in advance.




  • You can install the phantoman app and watch streams.

  • Thank you padman. Do you know whether M121S is just another ARM-based device ? If so shouldn't I be able to load other APK that I gathered from the Interweb !? Thanks in advance.
  • It's not android.
  • Oh, sorry to hear that. Thanks "padman" for the answers - much appreciated.
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