Moonbox claiming to be legal ?

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If you goto their home page you are greeted the following... Quite interesting


近日,美國TVB (USA) Inc公司在其官方網站、各大網絡媒體(如:You Tube)、新聞媒體等媒介上肆無忌憚的宣傳MoonBox智能網絡機頂盒侵犯了TVB (USA) Inc公司的版權。並未經任何與原廠溝通以及法律機構授權的情況下,在言論上及其不負責任的私自定性MoonBox智能網絡機頂盒產品為非法產品;同時,還在毫無顧忌的以律師函的形式騷擾MoonBox智能網絡機頂盒的地面經銷商。

我們要求TVB (USA) Inc公司立即撤銷一切媒體對於MoonBox 的負面宣傳,同時立即停止對MoonBox地面經銷商的騷擾!否則我們將向美國聯邦法院正式提起訴訟,維護MoonBox的合法權益!

我們的公開聯絡窗口是 “[email protected]”希望TVB (USA) Inc公司關於版權問題有任何質疑直接與我們官方進行溝通,如不主動聯系我們而發表任何負面言論,我們將采取極端的法律手段來維護權益。特此公告!

The last few days there has been news circulating MoonBox violated TVB (USB) Inc copyright. It irresponsibly claimed Moonbox is a illegal product and also using lawyers to harass Moonbox resellers.

The action taken had severely impacted Moonbox's brand reputation.

We are reqeusting TVB (USA) to remove all negative annotation towards Moonbox and stop harassing Moonbox resellers. Otherwise we will proceed with a lawsuit at the USA federal court.

Our official contact email is [email protected], we wish TVB USB use this official email to contact us directly.

To our Moonbox users, resellers. Please rest assure our product's installed app are fully licensed...


  • Moonbox is undoubtedly legal because it is merely an Android box, but the servers providing the live and VOD TVB shows are probably not.
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    @BennyLam Nop, they are claiming their apps are legal and fully licensed
  • tomato123tomato123 Show Producer
    So, TVB said they did not 授權 moonbox. And Moonbox said they have 授權.

    lol, I think moonbox is lying.
  • BennyLamBennyLam TV Nuts
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    @BennyLam Nop, they are claiming their apps are legal and fully licensed

    The keyword is 內置, users have to install the replay and live TV apps from the app store themselves. If I remember correctly, you have to use secret keywords to search those apps. But most dealers may have installed them for their clients and make them illegal.
  • MmmaruMmmaru Junior Member
    If that's the case, then all these boxes can argue that point. In other news US FCC is in support of these set-top boxes. I wonder if these devices fall into the category.

    I read someone wrote that they are very unlikely to sue these devices because they are android base and used apk for their apps and the owner of that is Google. Whereas TVpad 1-3 uses tvpad self made apps.
  • @Mmmaru , that's correct, any Android box can become TVP4, Moonbox, Ubox or HTV box as long as those live TV and VOD servers don't deny their access. There is one way for US and Canada to ban these boxes from importing into North America is by enforcing FCC's and Industry Canada's respective radio communication regulations because non of these boxes has the required technical certification.
  • The keyword is "MoonBox內置的APPS", pre-installed apps. I think from their perspective the box itself is legal. It is up to the user what content or app they install. It's the same as iPad and iPhone if you jailbreak or install illegal stuff that's not the fault of Apple.
  • If TVB (USA) says they didn't 授權, I am pretty sure someone somewhere somehow has violated TVB's copyright. I remember I also read from somewhere that TVPad claimed their boxes are legal, yet TVPad lost the lawsuit, and now I have a dead box sitting at home. Did I not know I was watching TVB through a not-so-legit way? Of course I did. I didn't want to pay TVB, so I chose to pay TVPad! Yes, these devices are just Android boxes, like a Roku, or Apple TV, or XBox, or Playstation, but you wouldn't find the apps we use to free stream TVB programs in App Store or Google Play, right? Must have a reason behind that theory ;) (think think...) :p

  • nick1spnick1sp Junior Member
    And that's why there's TVP4. TVP1-3, although was android based, it was using a custom OS. You can't install regular android apps on it, only their specific apps. I believe they lost the lawsuit because of TVP1-3. And that's why they shut it down. Although their reputation has been tarnished, TVP4 should have a better argument as long it is a regular android box with a custom UI.
  • Hey guys anyone got the link from TVB USA with the video that shows they blacklist HTV, Moonbox Unblocktech?
  • veedubjaiveedubjai Junior Member
    TVB從無授權h.TV, MoonBox, MNBOX等機頂盒

  • Unblock is on their list, too.

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