YouTube on Ubox Gen 2

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At time of writing, UB Market offers 'Youtube for Android TV' version It works quite well with the standard remote and without need to using mouse mode.

I tried the regular Youtube app from the Google Play Store, but found it unfriendly to use, as it was clearly designed for touch screen for phones and tablets. It would probably work much better with an air mouse.

I then discovered 'Youtube for Android TV' APKs are available here:

The website appears to be safe.

Sadly, the newer versions of Youtube for Android TV don't work properly on Ubox for one reason or another.

The Settings submenu in the latest v1.3.8 just does not behave correctly.

Only v1.0.5.5 seems to work, and is only a slight version increment over the v1.0.5.3 supplied by UB Market.

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