KODI upto 15.2 on Ubox Gen 2 - does not support 1080p

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fwiw, I've installed KODI 15.2, and also tried KODI 14.2, and observed when playing 1080p videos, KODI seems to down convert the video to 720p. The Ubox then upscales it to 1080p. The Ubox is configured for 1080p video output btw. As a consequence, the resulting displayed video doesn't look as sharp as the original 1080p video.

KODI 14.2 reports the Display Settings is set to 720p - it is greyed out and cannot be edited. KODI 15.2 does not offer the Display Settings.

However, if I play the same 1080p video using the Ubox's embedded video player, or using ES Explorer's built in video player, it does play it in true 1080p.

I used instructions in this thread to check for upscaled 720p or true 1080p displayed video:

Googling suggests the Beelink X2 which also uses the Allwinner H3 SoC has similar issue with KODI not displaying true 1080p videos.

The only other thing I noticed is I needed to apply a permanent 0.2 second audio offset, to correct a lip sync problem when using KODI to play videos.
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