CPU in UBox Gen 2

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Does anyone know what CPU is used in the Ubox ?

I have a
It has 1GB RAM

I installed CPU-Z app from Play Store and it seems to report:

Cortex Allwinner A23 1.20GHz
4 cores
1.2 GHz

Google search quotes the A23 is a dual core cpu and does not support h.265 video.

Ubox2 spec quotes quad core 1.5 GHz.

I tried some h.265 video files and these play on the Ubox.

I'm guessing CPU-Z app has incorrectly identified the CPU.

Update: The alternative CPU-X app reports 'Sun8i'. The Allwinner H3 is only similar cpu that has MALI-400 gpu and supports h.265. It also appears to be clocked at 1.2 GHz.


My guess is the Ubox Gen 2 has a H3 cpu.

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