Recording App

Does any user know of any app which can used for recording Live TV.

Anyone, coming from TVPAD may be of such similar app.


  • Not that I know of.
    That's the only iptv box on the market can be record live streaming and record from the other boxes (any) is WelTV 1gen, it has a HDMI input. For the 2gen box, I don't know.
    And the other option is CloudTV which you have to subscribe.
  • wsthongwsthong Just Watchin`

    Thank you for your reply.
    I am recording within the same box.
  • So you have the app for recording?
  • wsthongwsthong Just Watchin`
    No, I do not have for UBOX
  • Actually, I never use it even I have an ability to do so, why bother? I can always use playback, the only time I used it is the Super Bowl. B)
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