How to unbrick your TVPad1

A few of us have experienced that moment where you turn on the TVPad1 and the wheel keeps spinning and spinning, but nothing happens after that. So your TVPad1 has been bricked. Now what ?

Warning: This is not for the fainthearted!

Here you can find the instructions to unbrick your TVPad1. All credits to Level10 and zzZzz for providing the guide.

Note 1: This involves opening your TVPad and shorting two very small pins. So get someone to help you if you are not a technical person.

Note 2: Before you follow the unbrick procedure, make sure you have at least waited 15 minutes at the spinning wheel. Sometimes the TVPad is busy restoring the filesystem from backup and it would be a shame if you didn't let that finish. Yes, the TVPad has an automatic restore feature in case some of the files go missing or something like that, but it doesn't always work.

Unfortunately we never figured out how to put TVPad2/3 into this FWDN mode. If anyone knows how, then please share.
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  • UKTVPADUKTVPAD Junior Member
    Thank you for the info.
    Where do i find this file re.demo ?
    I have unzip the firmware but cannot see this file
  • edited January 2016
    @UKTVPAD I believe you will see it when you uncompress the firmware file. It has been ages ago since I did this. I am sure @Uslacker99 can provide more details.

    Edit: I just checked and it's also in "Tvpad Recovery How To Part I and Part" which has been provided. So please take a closer look.
  • UKTVPADUKTVPAD Junior Member
    Unpack the firmware, check every files, cannot find this file re.demo
  • Unpack the firmware, check every files, cannot find this file re.demo
    That's because it's called rc.demo.
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