Looking for easy navigating tv box

My parent are really having hard time with unblock, please advice what is some comparable to tvpad?


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    Another TVpad? :)

    I see how people got upset, especially if they have one for less the a year. If you are coming from TVpad 1 or 2, 4 is a nice upgrade. I had TVpad 1 for almost 4 years and not as upset as some. My parents wanted TV to watch. I have not choice but to upgrade. I probably would have given unblock a try if I heard about it before getting the 4.
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    Guess depends on what your needs are if you don't need tons of channels and is lookong for chinese channels than you can always get mi mini and root it install Shafa app store (or download it from app.shafa.com) and get few apps for live and 7 day playback apps and some others for vod. Can also install Shafa sofa home app and make it home screen so that will be only thing coming up when booted. Beleive there are other home screen apps designed for this as well. Can do same for any android box (mi mini is cheapest but needs root/jailbreak process). I couldn't go that route since Shafa app store doesn't have any app that can provide korean channels.

    for U box most simple way for parents use would be to just make ubtv (2in1) to load on boot so parents can stay in it and use one of those assignable icon to other vod app, and remove all other icons from live tv and vod section except ubtv 2 in 1 ad it to both section

    unfortunately for Korean only app that is very user friendly was RainbowTV on TVPAD or going for MOATV but moatv for live and others are now paid service of $60 for vod and $90 for live per year
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    Thanks can you like me some 7 day replay apps that I can install?
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    well you'll have to goto app.shafa.com to see, I can't read Chinese and translation does so little as far as description of what each app does. seems like TV2.0 is popular app along with HDP. do remember seing 7day playback app but I removed it as it didn't have any Korean channel and can' tread Chinese to say what it was. lol must of tried like 20 different app
  • I heard a lot of good things about H.TV3.

    Here is the forum that you can use your due diligence. If you search for HTV, a couple of folks here have good things to say about it.

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