Napper TV and Napper streaming service—what are the differences?

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What are exactly the differences? The costs?

I was reading that Napper TV doesn't have HK or Asian channels. Can anyone verify?

What I'd like to do is use Napper on my Roku or FIrestick, and laptop.

I don't want to install additional apps if possible, but I want to watch both Asian (including Taiwan) channels and North American IPTV.

I could be wrong, but I was told Napper will send me a M3U link to play on my PC or any other device such as Roku, NVIDIA, etc. as long as I have an IPTV Player or any player like VLC that supports M3U.

I'm confused on the Napper plans. Is there an AIO (all in one) plan that covers everything including Asian channels, or are they all a la carte?

I don't understand what Napper means when they write: Napper Stream Hosting and a price for the trial.

I don't have a server and I won't be relaying (hosting) the service so this is really confusing to me what they mean here.

Finally. There seems to be a cap on the Napper plans of 5GB for streaming. Is this per week, month, or per year?

I'd appreciate detailed, not ambiguous responses. Thanks.


  • padmanpadman Moderator

    If you want asian content then NapperTV is the choice. You will only be able to use this on Android device.

    Napper Stream is mostly for non-asian content.

    I would suggest you to just get a trial pack and find out yourself.

  • padman, can you please answer the other questions I have?

    it seems to me for the most part you're deflecting others to Napper's website and want them to spend money on a trial pack while providing very limited responses.

    Before I spend any money, I require more information. Is that too much to ask from

  • padmanpadman Moderator

    There is no "deflecting". I don't work for them, I just provide the information I have personally.

    And for the most part, you can just ask them for a free trial. I've told this to MULTIPLE people.

    1) Nobody knows what you want to watch. A trial is the best way to see if the service they have is what you want

    2) Instead of all the questions you have here, why don't you ask them directly? You are frustrating yourself over nothing.

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