Napper Stream - New streaming service - lots of live tv & content

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Hi All!

Napper has sponsored us to do a quick demo video of their new service.

A new service called Napper Stream is now available as part of their service. The new Napper Stream service is m3u compatible which means you can use on any devices that have a m3u8 player. This includes iPhones, iPads, Windows, Macs, Android, etc...

They have a dedicated app which you can simply install onto your Android device for quick setup.

Live TV Demo

VOD & EPG Demo


  • pswong3pswong3 Junior Member

    How does it work for iPads? Any instructions or FAQs?

  • HmmHmm
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    Can you please post how this works in this thread, how to set it up, if a subscription is required?

    Most importantly, the deets like exactly what channels are available and how to use Napper on a PC?

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  • HmmHmm
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    I really don't know why anyone would consider Napper when even their website is cryptic and despite multiple requests to know what content including specific channels (list) they offer, that info isn't provided. For those who like a challenge and risk, I suppose they choose Napper. Oh well.

  • padmanpadman Moderator
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    Did you order a trial and try it yourself?

    They are cryptic for a reason as with most iptv service.

    If you don't want "challenge and risk" and a non-cryptic website, there is always TVB Anywhere.

  • HmmHmm
    edited August 2022

    Ok, thanks. I do really appreciate your honesty. I didn't know that was the case.

    I would like to try their service. There have been free codes flying around. Rumours abound says you can get a few hour or a day trial without needing to pay anything. However, that too is cryptic and no info beyond that.

    That Chinese channel list seems to be more geared to China, not Taiwan content. My old EVPAD (moonbox) has died and it looks like Napper may have been the backbone of the iptv content or at least Napper and EVPAD may be using the same source(s).

    I really don't understand the difference between all the Android apps (apks) for Napper.

    In a nutshell: I want to stream content at home on my TV (most of the time) via Android tv box or Android tablet.

    When I'm visiting my family or relatives, I'd like to watch on my PC/laptop. I'm quite familiar with .m3u files but it seems that with Napper streaming.apk I need this to stream and I just can't enter them on VLC or Cherryplayer on PC with a simple .m3u link, is that correct? It's not actually do-able on a PC or even an iPhone via IPTV player?

    BTW, I'm a senior and I can't deal with complications. I want easy-peasy. I hope you understand.

    Thank you for reading this far.

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  • coolwing99coolwing99 Junior Member

    noob question but can I load napped on roku? Thx

  • If roku have m3u player then it will work. Otherwise, no.

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    Any idea where they've gone or if the url has changed? Getting a Cloudflare error on my end. My sub will be up shortly so am getting a bit twitchy that I won't be able to renew using this new service. Old service is still functioning so that's a relief. If anyone knows, please PM me with the new address if it's to be kept on the downlow? Many thanks.

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  • Hmm. Nobody replied. Has your service been restored? Did you renew? The last I heard, Napper has been down for North American channels.

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