Add favourite live channels and APK files such as YueYu

Hi all,

New to this forum and just purchased the UBox9.

Does anyone know how to easily save a channel as favourite in the UPTV app? There is a lot of live TV channels, but my father is illiterate and I would like to save his favourite channels somewhere he can easily find in one place. Any ideas?

Also, I used to have a FunTV box which had the YueYu app. I have the APK but UBox does not recognise the file and won't install. Any ideas where I can find this and other Cantonese TV APKs?

Many thanks for your help.

Cheers, M


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    First go to the channel you want to bookmark to favorite. Then, push and hold the center 'OK' button on the remote, you should see a star icon next to that channel then release 'OK' button. Go back to the main screen on the left panel, then navigate to 'Collection' selection to view all the favorite channels on favorite channel in the list.

    Another tip, push on the 'left arrow' button next to the 'OK' button. This will bring up a list all the most visited channels you had selected sort by most watch channel at the top screen. We often use this feather so that don't have to navigate into sea of channels.

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