I don't know why it's shown burn end on PhoenixCard 3.1.0 eng. vers. but nothing in the card?

I download a Chinese version of PhoenixCard 3.1.0 but run in english version. Then I chose the s800-160808.img and click burn.

Below are shown on optioned:

"Formatting the card...........

Start Burning ............

[pheonix card_00] Burn Sucess

[pheonix card_10] Burn Sucess

[MBR] Burn Sucess

[ ]Burn Sucess

[IMG File] Burn Sucess

[Data File] Burn Sucess

[pheonix card_00] Check Complete

[pheonix card_10] Check Complete

[MBR] Check Complete

[ ] Check Complete

[IMG File] Check Complete

[DATA File ] Check Complete

Magic Complete

Burn End....


But there is noting in the MicroSD card. Please help me to teach me what I have done wrong?

I think is something in the transaction in [ ] empty but I don't know what I do it wrong and make it wrong. Please help.


  • It's normal. you will not see anything in the SD card. Just put the MicroSD card in the box to flash,

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