Is G0360 the same as SDTV?

I got a question, Is G0360 the same as SDTV? I buy my g0360 code form a uk site last year for around 90 ish and installed on my long expired HTV3. The yearly sub is about to expire so i am looking around and somone mention go360 is the same as sdtv and i noticed sdtv is much mucher at $70 at napper. If i buy the code for sdtv at napper and input it in my go360 app, would it work?

I am also wondering about the ability to transfer the sub from 1 tv box to another. My current htv3 is showing its age and kind of dying. if i copy off all the id and password, is it possilbe to transfer the account to another decide if it decide to die befire the sub is up


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    1) Download the apk and get the trial, its free.

    2) Yes, you can transfer it to another box. You just have to contact them.

  • The SDTV? Where do i get the installation ifle for that?

  • The install file is exactly the same thing

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    Hi, i installed the sdtv app 3 days demo on my fire stick 4k. Every thing work beside the live tv . Any idea about that

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  • I try go to setting, but on player setting, it doesn't have the hardware encode option. It just have screen ratio, energy saving and booting screen

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