Is Ubox good?

Hi all,

I've never used an Ubox before and I'm thinking of buying the Ubox 8 to replace my HTV3.

I've heard that Ubox just grabs the content source from other competitors and sometimes there are streaming issues. Is it any good? Is it worth buying? I don't want to pay for subscription like what HTV and are requiring you to do. I just want to pay once and watch movies & TV shows free for life.


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    To be honest, no such thing as pay once and free for life.

    If you buy a dedicated box, you are at risk of the box dying. It is no uncommon for these chinese iptv boxes to break. And when it does, you'll just have to pony up and buy a new one.

    Of course you can always gamble and just buy one and hope for the best.

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    Sorry, but that doesn't really help. This is the type of answer I would expect from Yahoo Answers. I posted my question here because this is a forum/website that is dedicated to IPTVs and I thought the people here would be able to share their experience and opinion on the different TV boxes for comparison.

    There is a clear difference between a TV box that requires you to pay a subscription and a TV box that does not. Both TV boxes can break or have issues at anytime, but the difference is whether you're spending extra money on a monthly or yearly basis.

    I would just pay for Netflix or get a Xiaomi TV box and pay a subscription if I wanted to keep wasting money on a monthly/yearly basis.

    A few years ago, HTV was offering their services (TV shows, movies, etc) for free and it was advertised as such. This changed later on and it was unfortunate. However, I got a good 3~4 years of free use out of it. I don't expect someone to recommend a TV box that provides literally lifetime free service. I'm just hoping someone can recommend something that subscription-free, at least true for now anyway. And perhaps they can share their experience on why the TV box is good. That's all I'm asking.

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    I ended up getting Ubox, from here:

    Shipping took almost 2 weeks, not too bad considering it was shipped to New Zealand from Hong Kong.

    The TV box is good, no lag watching movies or TV shows, HD quality and a lot of stuff to watch and is subscription free. I am happy with this.

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  • You've made a right choice! Enjoy!

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