Download fail?

Help! I recently got a upro2 and when I click on the app market to download ubvod, it says "download fail."

At a total loss on what to do next. :( Any suggestions? Thank you!


  • iceice
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    search through this forum

  • bamby8bamby8 Junior Member
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    Today, I had problems running and updating apps on old ubox 2 using AppMarket. Reaches 100% and nothing happens. I last used the ubox 2 on 25 July and there were no issue.

    I resolved the problem by copying the UBLive and UBTV apps from our Upro 2 to the ubox 2.

    On old ubox 2, the Winlauncher v4.1.4 menu also refuses to start the apps from the 'Popular' tile - it repeatedly tries to download the app, even after you manually download and install the latest versions of the apps. I don't know if this is a bug, or it could be deliberate to encourage owners to upgrade to newer upro. ubox 2 first came out in late 2015 so will be 5 years old.

    To work around this winlauncher issue on ubox 2, I added any new apps to the 'Favourites' tile menu.

    Also, had some weird download/install issues with existing upro 2 box too, but eventually sorted it out.

    The latest version of the following apps as of 8 August 2020 are:

    UBlive v1.9.0

    UBTV v.1.7.3 (LIVE TV 2.0)

    Uvod v1.3.2

    It looks like you can download them from or I have not tried these files from these website. Save them to USB pen drive and use File Manager on ubox/upro to load the APKs.

    Note you may also have to go into android Settings->Apps menu and locate all instances of UBTV. You may discover UBTV v11.5. This is old version which may not work and has been superceded by v1.7.3.

    I also installed winlauncher 4.4 (from ubox 4, posted in this forum) onto old ubox 2. Although the menu works, the Popular tile menu is empty and I had to manually add the apps to it.

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