Live channels of Evbox 3R not working


My Evbox 3R's all live channels are not working since yesterday, I brought up these issues via Wechat to Evpad technical, but no one reply. Does anyone has the same problems? your help is very appreciated.



  • Me too. Nobody reply from Evpad technical staff.

    Anybody knows what happen to Evpad ?

  • TVBullshitTVBullshit Junior Member
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    Most of my TVB channels are down. It’s been 2 days already. This is the longest outage I’ve seen.

    I’m using 超級直播 App for now.

    This is working on Samsung TV Cast app to TV.

    Credit to Ailyeric at DA.

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  • This is the reply from evpad :



    可能斷續需時數天,升級完成後, 即恢復正常.

    對此帶來不便, 敬請見諒!

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  • TVBullshitTVBullshit Junior Member

    English Translation:

    Due to server upgrades, installation and live broadcast functions are temporarily affected,

    Some live broadcasts are affected,

    It may take several days intermittently, and it will return to normal after the upgrade is completed.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, please forgive me!

  • SomebodySomebody Junior Member

    From another forum:

    "I got the news that evpad shenzhen HQ was busted by china police yesterday, today most of the paid iptv could not view hk and taiwan channels, anyone heard the same news too ?"

    "I browsed china evpad telegram channels, many of them confirmed police has raided evpad HQ"

  • So Evpad is gone then

  • TVBullshitTVBullshit Junior Member

    The Malaysia and USA TVB channels are still working. They must be on separate servers.

    I guess I’m going back to UnblockTech for now.

  • MmmaruMmmaru Junior Member

    Is it only live channels that's impacted? Vod stuff is ok?

  • golddragongolddragon Junior Member

    It's only 2 live channels TVB & TVB News are working today, 7 days playback is not. Vod stuff is ok.

  • TVBullshitTVBullshit Junior Member

    I wonder how the newly released EvPad 5p is doing.

  • I think they are unluckily , in the wrong time, to release or promote evpad 5p.

    The exixting channels or problem is still not yet recovered. Hope they can fix it in the quickest way so that they can promote the new evpad 5p box .

  • TVBullshitTVBullshit Junior Member

    I’m curious why they keep updating their boxes. Do these boxes with bigger RAM and Processors make a huge difference? My main concern is a working stream, good picture, and less buffering.

    I can say channel 3038 FTV2 has a 4K picture but the channel is always buffering on my EVPad 3.

  • fatcatfatcat Junior Member

    You can use 大視界 to watch live HK and Taiwan channels. According to the seller in Ebay. They said they are working on the server update. It need a week to complete. The 大視界 DL as follow:

  • golddragongolddragon Junior Member

    The Evbox announced that they are in update stage, it will complete in 7 days. They live channels & 7 days replay are still not working as of Today, I don't think it takes that long to upgrade.

  • TVBullshitTVBullshit Junior Member
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    They’ve been using the upgrade bullshit the whole year. I don’t see much of an upgrade from the user side. EVPad has been running for a couple of years now. Buying the latest and greatest doesn’t help. I’m still experiencing buffering issues.

    I don’t expect them to work forever and we all know this is a piracy box. Perhaps it’s time.

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