Need 2016 UBTV APK


My UBTV app was having a hard time pulling up the only channel I watch (TV Asahi) and so after trying on my own to resolve the issue, the app ended up re-installed and updated to the new UBTV apps (there appear to be two?? a 1.5.0 version and a 1.4.5 version?) - and both of them a) work the same and b) appear to have a FAR more limited selection of Japanese channels (even the old ABC channel from Osaka is missing). But, TV Asahi is definitely not there, which is the only channel I watch and the whole reason I bought my UBOX3.

Does anyone know where I can get the old UBTV APK so I can re-install it?



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    I also only use my UBOX3 for the Japanese channels and am also in the same situation. The old app is still accessible but has no feeds on any channel which makes me think that the content has been switched off at source therefore even obtaining an original apk will have little effect.

    I have a UBOX4 in another room so will give that a go later on tonight but I fear the same situation.

    Reinstalled the UBLive app but as you say the choice is worse. Hopefully the missing ones start to filter back in and this isn't a permanent downgrade as without this content to me it's just a pretty shitty/generic android box.

    That's not to say I didn't get my value from it as it worked on/off for a couple of years so I don't have too many complaints - and I did buy two of them so it used to be impressive - but I fear that the free lunch is over 😪

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    They discontinued the old UBTV app and we need to install the new UBTV2.0 app from the store to watch. They posted it in their Facebook page the other day.


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    最近UB影視新改版,很多朋友們也詢問我們更新後的一些問題, 我們在此統一回答, 不再個別回復大家.

    1. 安博主畫面有跑馬燈解釋,之後舊版UBLive將停止,會在六月初更新成UBTV2.0.

    2. 目前因為更新而造成直播頻道遺失的情形,將在之後逐一恢復,請不用過度緊張

    3. 如果遇到無法更新,請刪除app (主畫面下方垃圾桶圖示), 在應用市場重新下載安裝即可

    4. 更新過後轉台速度有明顯提升,之後回看功能也即將推出

    5.如果對頻道或是有其他技術上的問題, 可直接聯繫安博官方客服的

    WECHAT (微信) : twtv768 或 ubtv222

    LINE :@ubtv1818 (添加時記得加@號)

    whatsapp: +852 5130 0667



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    Thanks, slee.

    Google translate give me a rough idea of what's going on and mentions that the channel selection should start to return over time. I hope they mean it. At least the stream quality went up considerably, if not the choice in content.

    I appreciate you taking the time to reply with their statement (don't want/have/never had Facebook so without you posting I'd still be in the dark). I did notice the scrolling message along the top of the screen but somewhat hard to google translate that when you don't speak/read Cantonese 😄

    Thanks again.

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    No problem, buddy. Don't forget to install both of the new UBTV and UBTV2.0 apps from the store, I hope your uboxes are working good now. I have been using my gen 2 ubox for almost 5 years and it is still going strong and reliable.

  • Does anyone have the latest ublive and uvod apps. ub1234.com seems to be down.

  • SomebodySomebody Junior Member

    ub1234.com is working fine for me.

  • ub1234.com is not working for me at all.

  • Anyway I am in UK m, ub1234.com is not working , wonder why?

  • I'm also in the UK and that address works perfectly fine so it's not a regional issue. Try changing your DNS server to something that isn't provided by your ISP? OpenDNS, Cloudflare, Google etc. Good luck.

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