A1 - please consult your dealer


I have A1 TV box, not sure if thats related to one of the HTV boxes.

But its been working fine until last night when the main two apps I use:

  • Extraordinary TV app 8.14.1 displays:

ED-5, This APP is out of date, please consult your dealer

  • Wondervision app 8.15.1 displays:

EC5,Failed to play, please consult your dealer

  • Have these apps suddenly stopped working for others? 
  • What can I do to get these streaming apps back to work?


  • For others with the same problem I contacted our supplier and he said HTV3/A1 (2015 model) service has ended. He recommend ordering the new HTV6 A3 box.

    He mentioned theres another app Joy TV we can install currently trying it for 2 days before we have a choice of paying £62.99 for annual subscription.

  • SNHKSNHK Junior Member

    Had a friend with same issue. I just wiped/reset the box and installed napper and sdtv to try. Disabled all the apps that can be disabled and you should get 1.2gb of memory free.

    You're better off just subscribing to one of those services. The A1 has a S805 chip and 2gb of ram so it can run either of those apps well enough, but expect lags during channel switching.

    Every box you buy will expire in 2-3 years, so no point.

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