EVpad 3s wifi issues

Hello! After doing factory rest on my EVPad 3S, the box doesn’t seem to function normally. Even though the WiFi is connected, home page says I am not connected, no "IP:" and “Model:” on home screen. As for HDTV or VOD, it says "No application for the time being, please connect to the Internet to download". Turning the WiFi on/off didn’t help. Any advice on how to make this work again? Would gladly appreciate it! Thanks!

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    Does it work if you plug int the ethernet directly.?

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    I’m having the exact same problem. We’ve always plugged the TV Pad straight into the modem via Ethernet cable. Bluetooth and WiFi don’t work either.

    The only change over the past few days is we changed internet providers. Please help!

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • To solve the problem, after you the TV Pad has finished loading, unplug the power cable immediately and then plug it back on. Once the TV Pad is rebooted, the Wifi is connected. At least that is how I solve the issue. Not convenient but at least it works.

  • yes winston is right here , give the box a reset by disconnect the power , wait and connect the power again after a full reset

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