Tvpad 3

Hello! From the looks of reading the forum, this device is obsolete ? Tvpad3 ?

Someone just handed me it, wasn't sure or isn't sure it its working. I use other devices such as the apple TV, n Roku.

The device was given without a remote, so I was checking to see if it was possible to use it with some other way?

So is this device really useless now especially without having the remote?


  • padmanpadman Moderator

    Yep, t3 is pretty much junk. It has no android on it so you can't load any apps onto it.

  • According to TVpad3 system info, it has:

    1. Android Version : 2.3.4 customised
    2. TVpad version : GVOS 4.18
    3. Model: M358-4100
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