Napper IPTV Downed [Now fixed]

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Several sports channels are unable to load in recent months, while some channels like RTHK31 has been mixed up with RTHK32, and RTHK32 became ViuTV 6. And today, the service seems downed, during the authentication process, it got stuck at 10%, and eventually an error message "Sorry! Error 404. Please click menu button to enter settings page connect network" appeared.

Press menu button didn't work.

I checked my internet connection, and it's fine with everything, except IPTV aka Napper.

I have about 20 days remaining in my contract, I don't know if I should renew it or not, given the current unstable situation.



After waiting for 5 hours, I posted the above message. And the service is now back, after my post was published.

Maybe, Napper is watching this group, maybe not. 🤔

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