Pre Sale Questions 2019

Seems like there isnt much activity on Napper since 2018. Wondering if the community can clarify a few things before I dive in.

  1. Is this service still alive? How is it compared to services like OK2?
  2. is there a UI that shows what programming is next on the tv channels? (ie: the next 3 shows on the channel) or a TV guide UI?
  3. English, Chinese, SDTV what is the difference. There are so many conflicting posts on what each package includes. Does the english package include chinese channels as well:> If I want both english and chinese channels is SDTV the option?
  4. is this service only live TV or does it have VOD (movies and tv shows) as well?


  • i just bought the SDTV plan for my relatives for $58 US per year.

    It uses the HKE360 APK and is an all in one-there's live tv, vod in mandarin, cantonese, korean and Japanese. The APK works on a phone, tablet and streaming box. I have it working on an older HTV2 box and it seems to work okay. I haven't played with it alot but the only bug is that the Korean live channels had sound but no picture.

    The VOD is broken up into separate sections for completed series and ongoing/new series.

    There is no TV Guide for the live TV. I believe there are western channels and content.

    I have no idea about the Chinese and English APK. I assume it;s an extra expense.

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