HTV2 A2 - Recovery

I need help. I have a HTV2 A2. None of the apps were working, so I did a factory reset. It cleaned out the HTV store, and changed the entire look of the original HTV2 menu.

I searched for the firmware here and tried to install it. The system ended up rebooting continuously only showing the “Better TV, Better Life” logo and rebooting. The only way to break out of it was to press the Menu button on the remote.

It gets me to the Android recovery screen. I can clear cache and a couple other options, one being restore from SD. Downloaded all the firmwares that was linked on one of the treads here. None can be install.. anyone know what’s wrong ? The device just continuously reboots... not useable.


  • padmanpadman Moderator
    Have you try clearing the data and cache? That should bring your box back to factory settings.
  • Yea, I tried clearing the cache and data. It continues to just reboot continuously. I'd have to press the Menu button repeatedly to get into the recovery screen.

    I downloaded the files from

    for HTV3 and HTV2, none of them can install via SD card.
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    Are you sure your sd card is formatted properly?
  • Yea, the SD card is FAT formatted. I get a E: missing /! message regardless of what option i choose. I ran the HTV5 firmware and it loaded halfway and it froze up.
  • Hi my htv3 got lock out after I accidentally press the update button on the Brazil app. How can I restall back to the original factory setting and can watch again.? Please help ,thanks

  • padmanpadman Moderator

    What's the screen that you see right now?

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