EVPAD 2S Firmware Download? (Version 1.0)

Does anyone know if there is an upgrade to the firmware for the EVPAD 2S beyond Firmware (Version 1.0)? Everytime this machine boots on, the wifi setting toggles on automatically and the ethernet needs to be manually toggled on/off everytime it is powered on to be detected. A bit annoying, however a problem I am used to since 2016. If anyone can advise, would really appreciate it. B)


  • golddragongolddragon Junior Member
    I am planning to buy Evpad, is the 7 days playback working good? My Ubox 4 the 7 days playback is still skipping, Ubox tech said that they have no idea how to fix this skipping issue.
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    Just checked my EVPad pro 4k for you and it doesn't seem like they have 7 days playback anymore

    I tried to load the app and it says no authorization

    Then when I tried to look in the app store for update, the same app doesn't exist.
  • golddragongolddragon Junior Member
    Thank you for the checking.
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