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I just gotten the BlueTV recently and I noted that the resolution of the BlueTV was 1080p. However, I discovered yesterday that the resolution has changed to 720p. How can I revert it back to 1080p?

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  • padmanpadman Moderator
    It wouldn't really matter if its 720p vs 1080p, since the streams aren't coming in at 1080p.

    If you really want to change it then plug in a mouse and drag the top menu down from the top (like an android phone) then you'll be able to goto the settings menu.
  • I don't think there is a change resolution setting under the android settings menu even the BlueTV advertised as being able to support 1080p resolution. Well, at least not with my 2016 version of BlueTV m425 box, it has always been running 720p and I cannot find a way to change the resolution.
  • 535four535four Member
    You can't do anything about it even you have a 4k box, it's based on the source they provided, if they sent you a penny it can't be changed to a dime that you have received.
  • I think some people would like to change to a higher resolution for 1080p mkv playback using third party apps other than hoping to view higher quality streams.
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    True, the 3rd party app like LeTV has 4K movies that show 2160p on it if your tv is 4k and the Android box is 4k compatible then you set it to the highest resolution that will work, but most of the live stream and vod that playing at 720p the most and some even lower also some tv will adjusted the resolution automatically when it received signal changed.
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    My TV is 4K and the only android box I own that supports 4K is the Unblock UBox *sudders*. I don't bother watching 4K on it as I don't think my bandwidth can handle 4K live streams... :#

    I'd rather sacrifice (a bit of ) video quality for stable streams =)
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    I'm enjoying watching 4k movies and China drama using letv app on my Unbox but this app will expired at end of this year, hopefully UBOX will extend their license with them, it also have lots 3D movies as well, works well tried on my friend's 85 inch LetTV set.
  • Last time I check the Letv app seemed to be restricted in Australia. Will have a look again this afternoon. :/
  • 535four535four Member
    Yep, they have issues last time.
  • Had a play with the Letv app and yep, HD galore :) I wish I could understand more Mandarin. The license is indeed expiring at the end of December this year. Unlike UBox Mango TV license, which is ending in the year 2120, which I think none of us will be here to see and the Mango app will be gone way before then :3
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    It's for the
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