Chopping & lagging videos on live Taiwanese channels on HTV5

I have a couple of TVPad4's at home, and have been mainly used them to watch live Taiwanese channels with 36TV or 寶島電視 app. Due to the reset issue I have on one of them, the IPTV distributor/seller (I'm familiar with) recommended me to replace it with HTV5. I was very excited to buy and receive one, and is impressed with the video quality from the box (capable of 4K videos), especially the VOD movies (大視界) and live channels from China and Hong Kong in (中文電視) . It was until I start looking at the live Taiwanese tv's on channel 88 and up in 中文電視 app. The live feed on those channels are really slow/choppy/lagging, and the video quality is much worse than what I've got used to on TVPad4. It looks like the problem is not the HTV5 units, but the low bandwidth and quality of the sources of those live video feeds. Looking it closely, the high quality videos from China/Hong Kong are usually in > 500kb/s, but the low quality videos from Taiwan are < 250kb/s.

I'm wondering if there is any way to improve the quality of those Taiwanese live channels, to make them comparable to the TVPad's. For people who buy android tv boxes to watch live tv channels from Taiwan, they will be disappointed with HTV's if the video quality cannot be improved.

After I ask the seller, he has told me that there might be another app on HTV with Taiwanese tv programs. He's going to try out and let me know. Just wondering if you guys have heard of it.

This really gives me the motivation to fix my broken TVPad4 :anguished:


  • padmanpadman Moderator
    Is it happening to only to certain channels or all ?
  • tomato123tomato123 Show Producer
    What happen to your TVPad 4?
  • It looks like most of the live Taiwanese channels have this issue. For example, 東森新聞 on ch 110 looks really bad. I have the unit connected directly to my internet (70mb speed) through cat6 cable, so The lagging is not due to wifi connection or my internet speed. Otherwise, the other China or Hong Kong channels would look bad, too (but they are not).

    I hope someone can help me confirm if the same issue is seen on their HTV boxes. Thanks.
  • Tomato123, it's the TVPad 4 stuck Logo problem that I've been reported in
  • This is not a problem with the network or the TV box, it is the media source problem.
  • Did you fix it?
    Tomato123, it's the TVPad 4 stuck Logo problem that I've been reported in
    Did you fix it?
  • Not yet! Still waiting for the special USB cable that I've ordered from eBay to show up :anguished:
  • Benxiong, that's what I'm afraid of. It looks like the only way to fix this is for the HTV support team to find better live media sources. Not sure if that would ever be done!

    As mentioned earlier, I'm putting my hope on fixing my TVPad4. I might even consider subscribing live tv services through android tv app (if there is such thing available, have seen it on android phones). It's a pain to watch tv with low quality video feed!
  • Not yet! Still waiting for the special USB cable that I've ordered from eBay to show up :anguished:
    Both sides USB is very common, you can get it in any electrical shop, only two dollars to three dollars.
  • MmmaruMmmaru Junior Member
    Looks like all the htv apps updated recently and the live feeds are really bad. It's choppy and then goes to 0kbs. Then you gotta launch the app a few times to get a good connection. Hope they fix this soon.
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