TVpad 4 resets to factory mode

I was wondering if anyone know why my tvpad 4 resets by itself to factory mode with no apps except the google playstore and another google app on.
It does this probably once or twice evey month on its own ever since the latest update, and also noticed that during mornings and afternoons (GMT) the remote control would work fine and on some night times the remote wont work or respond at all.

I leave it on standby when it doesnt get watched so its always plugged in the mains, untill it stops responding to the remote then I have to plug it out then back in.

its just a pain having to d.load and install the chinese apps again 1 by 1 so ive resorted to only installing 3 apps I mainly use.


  • Once in a while, on my TvPad4, I will go to the device's settings and clean the cache (not data) on the apps I use the most. YueTV being one of them.
    These boxes have a relative small memory. (1GB ?) After prolonged used, the data may get stale, or may get corrupted.
    Like your Android phone, you need to clean them once in a while.
  • tomato123tomato123 Show Producer
    You can reload all the apk. Then do a backup of your whole box using TWRP AND RECOVERY bootup img file. It's like the same method to downgrade. Instead of loading an a downgrade image, you backup your own image.
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