KODI's Chinese Movies and Drama video file besides Addons.

Here's a video file for Chinese Movies and Drama video file for KODI

On VIDEO file, type in rss://myrss.nu/drama and save

Most video in 720p, faster and I think it's better than AZdrama and so....



  • Thanks @535four! I tried this on Kodi and it works great but some of the videos would not open which is not surprising though.

    I heard that Kodi doesn't work well on Roku, do you know if there is a Kodi equivalent for Roku?
  • Since I don't have an Roku, but Officially, no you cannot run Kodi on the Roku stick since it supports only Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems and Roku doesn't run on any one of them. Since Roku is a streaming device, it's not designed to access the live TV signals.
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