New to BlueTv

Hello to the kind minds out there, :)

My family and I are new to the whole BlueTV phase. We did have Tvpad 2 in the past before it all went into a pit of bricks.. That being said, we had the Tvpad2 for a short amount of time and did not learn the benefits or the tricks of the trade. This time around, I'd like to know everything about the BlueTv, it's worth, the hidden corridors, and secret tricks to its full potential. Excuse my ignorance if my questions appear a bit of a newb that was just born yesterday. My parents are in the elderly and since I am their only child, they rely on me to know the modern world, and I live to please and honor them. I know almost to nothing about computers/ softwares/ systems etc, so please educate an American yank like me. Help us if you can :)


1. Does BlueTv receive updated content like their VOD? If so when? (I'D hate to be stuck with the same VOD for years on end..)

2. What are these 3rd party apks I keep hearing about?? (Teach me all you can!)

3. There's something in the "Users" section that ask for an Authorization code? What is that and how do I get this code?

I have more questions, but these seem to be the main one. Please help! Thanks all!

Jacen from California.


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